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In October 2009, Groff told during the National Equality March in Washington, D.

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James on Glee between 2010 - 2012 and again in 2015 and voicing Kristoff in Frozen.

He played King George the Third in the hit broadway musical Hamilton up until April 9 2016.

So then I go back to New York, and the second season is airing, and I get a call from my dad.

He tells me that he was flipping through the channels and sees that Looking is on, and he remembered our conversation about how much it would mean to me if he watched. “And there you are in bed with some guy, and he reaches over to get a condom, and I just couldn’t watch it.” My dad literally tuned in to Looking to the most graphic scene I did in the whole series, in which I’m fucking Russell’s character in episode 3 of season 2. I feel like in dating actors the nice thing about it is they understand the schedules involved or having to leave for three months to shoot something and all of that. It was a black void of the audience in front of us and her face there perfectly lit by the light of her i Phone through three-quarters of the show.

's Jenny Eagan with the award for Outstanding Costume Design in a Contemporary Television Series.