Who is katarina witt dating

She was also a television commentator during the last winter games.In 1988, the Stasi commander in Karl-Marx-Stadt, Ms Witt's home city, wrote to Gen Erich Mielke, the Stasi chief: "The regular meetings have enabled a real basis of trust to be established between Katarina Witt and the Ministry of State Security.

It turned out to be good practice, thanks to events well away from my life of rinks and rehearsals, events I could never have predicted.

After the destruction of the Berlin Wall in 1989, I was accused not just of collaborating with the government of East Germany, the Deutsche Demo-kratische Republik (DDR), but of spying on my friends.

With her beautiful skater legs, she has made quite a name for herself in the Play Boy industry.

With how much she earns right now she has the every right to be going overseas.

As the winner of two Olympic gold medals (and four world championships), I was a public figure and an easy target.