Who is manny montana dating

Montana was born and raised in Long Beach, California.

After graduating from Jordan High School, Montana got a football scholarship to California State University Sacramento, yet quit after an arm injury and dislocating his shoulder for the eighth time.

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Manny Montana is an actor we absolutely love watching.

He has identified himself as first generation Mexican, with parents who love and support him.

Even though he thinks Jakes is too serious, Johnny will start to figure out that he needs to be a little more like that, otherwise he’ll keep getting into stupid situations like this.

And I'm glad he starts to learn because I was worried Johnny would just always be the sidekick comedy relief -- as the season goes on, he'll still be humorous, but he really grows up.

Montana admitted that he had auditioned for a lead role and did not receive it, yet got offered a supporting role, which he took in a heartbeat.