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The band formed of lead vocalist Morten Harket, guitarist Pual Waaktaar-Savory and keyboardist Magne Furholem was formed on September .

The band was formed in Norway and they moved to London for pursuing a music career.

I suppose it's ironic that I, a music-mad record store owner (until 2005, anyway), would choose to wed a woman who is totally indifferent to music save for one band that, in all honesty, I hated.

At least I hated them back in high school, when "Take On Me" was so inescapable that I swore to my friends I would kill myself if it hit #1.

They chose the studio of musician, producer, and soon-to-be-manager, John Ratcliff, because it had a Space Invaders machine. The band says the name A-ha comes from a title Paul contemplated giving to a song; he was dithering between the title "A-ha" and "A-hem".