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What influenced you guys to come back to the music? We just wanted to take a step back, recollect our thoughts and how we would approach it all again.

Former teen pop singer who became the lead vocalist for the all-brother pop group B5.

B5, previously known as TNT Boyz and Audio, was a R&B music group originating from St. Hunnicut, November 30, 1991), and Bryan Jesse Breeding (b. Formerly known as the TNT Boyz featuring only the four eldest brothers, but renamed themselves B5 when Bryan, the youngest brother, joined the group.

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Patrick Matthew (20 October 1790 – 8 June 1874) was a Scottish grain merchant, fruit farmer, forester, and landowner, who contributed to the understanding of horticulture, silviculture, and agriculture in general, with a focus on maintaining the British navy and feeding new colonies.

He published the basic concept of natural selection as a mechanism in evolutionary adaptation and speciation (i.e.

He was an original member of the TNT Boyz in 1998, which went on to be renamed B5 in 2001.

He sang many of the lead parts for B5's 2005 singles "All I Do" and "U Got Me." He performed with his four brothers in B5: Carnell, Bryan, Dustin, and Kelly.

The group consisted of five brothers, Dustin Michael (b. Dustin, the oldest of the brothers, and Patrick were the lead singers of TNT Boyz.