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2 Author: Mal Celebs: Emma Watson Codes: MF, MDom, rape, oral, anal, snuff Summary: The nightmare continues on Emma Watson’s 26th birthday.

Six hours after filming the first half of his film, the mysterious …

I just let people use their imagination," Gilbert said after she was repeatedly questioned. Some people are very gay with a little bit of straight some people are very straight with a little bit of gay." Tyler went on to explain, "Every once in a while I will see a very beautiful girl and think she looks like she would be nice to kiss," adding that it makes her "a little bit gay." Osbourne responded, "I am not a little bit gay.

Discussing sexuality, cohost Aisha Tyler said, "I personally think that everybody is a tiny bit gay. I am extremely interested in the fact of what I missed out on, but too late now." Comparing herself to transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner, who came out late in life, Osbourne explained she wasn't extremely committed to exploring her sexuality: "I can't do a Caitlyn ... I don't want to be frivolous about this, because I do see people that I would like to walk up to and they female and I'd like to touch something, feel something and kiss something." However, instead of describing herself as bisexual, Underwood said she was "whorish," playing into a negative stereotype of bisexual people.

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