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Biiiiiitttch but Keston is sooo fyne and he gave me FEVAHHH diva knowing that he is part of the family because I had no idea but that night sealed it for me chile! Keston and Terrell together gets 3 snaps in a Z formation twirl push and dip bitch oww!

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Although Rod 2.0 had advance knowledge of both stories, we chose not to report the first one, and, took our time posting the Carter outing.

Look at the picture above with the couple kissing and it's obvious Terrell Carter trusted this man.

The six foot five, dark and lovely actor with the phenomenal voice also has quite the phenomenal physique, which made him all the more popular among female audiences.

Alex Cortez, the apparent ex-boyfriend seen above and below, posted the pictures across the intenets, starting with the hugely popular Lipstick Alley mesageboard, then moving onto his My Space and Twitter accounts to blast his ex.

Five years after winning a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in “Precious,” Mo’Nique is returning to theaters in “Blackbird.” The independent drama centers on a deeply religious high school student in a small Mississippi town, who struggles with the fact that he may be gay.