Who sandra lee dating

And no matter your skill set or lack thereof, she love it!

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” And there, stacked up inside an open armoire at Fishs Eddy on Broadway, she finds exactly what she’s looking for.

Decorated with vintage pictures of the emblematic buildings dear to the heart of every red-blooded, patriotic American politician—Mount Vernon, Independence Hall in Philadelphia—the plates would fit right into her Founding Fathers–themed dining room at home.

“You’ll see what I mean when you come out to the house next week and we cook together,” she says.

With her top-rated television show on the Food Network (2.5 million viewers tune in weekly), her 22 cookbooks to date, and her bimonthly Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade magazine (circulation 250,000), 44-year-old Lee has turned herself into a full-voltage brand and celebrity who is probably better known nationwide—for the moment, at least—than her boyfriend, the governor.

Famous TV chef Sandra Lee had a rough go of things for a good couple of years.