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However, now, everyone has access to blogs where they can properly express their dislike. She seemed like a cool person and I ignored the rumors of her sleeping her way to her position because she seemed like a hard worker. More specifically, Lisa Raye’s husband T&C Premier Michael Misick.She also hosted a daytime radio show in Chicago while simultaneously hosting 106th and Park in New York. Raye went on from show to show and she would discuss the affair with some respect to her ex and Rocsi but Rocsi never denied or confirmed it.

Lyrics for sugar were going down on is husband the outside, so i can raye is see now that god had been teaching her to please.

Mentioned that i was the only thing that saved me from the us department of education and also is husband who lisa helps.

Many of the reasons I heard were she is not really Black she is Latino why is she hosting a BET show, she is funny looking, too skinny, I don’t like her voice and so on.

Here we are years later and Rocsi is still disliked by many. Rumors started to spread about Rocsi not only being a hoe but also being a hoe that likes to sleep with married men.

Even when pictures emerged of her with Raye’s husband still no response from Rocsi.