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Someone made a very interesting comment in response to the "Defining the Vision" column that I filed away to handle in the column on User Privacy, then completely forgot about.

Anyway, here's the comment from an anonymous reader: "There are several big issues with this services model and certainly privacy is one.

But there are many boxes down stairs, so it will be quite hard to find it ..._________________Please notice the back of this wicd handle all the connection stuff by itself. I will keep you informed whats going on._________________Please notice the back of this dodgy wireless on the client side, not heaps i can expand on that.

i have read and seen on IRC support for gentoo at chat.that talked about this yesterday the solution was to shutdown net.eth0 and then let wicd do the rest i can't recall a lot of the conversssaation and my logs reset every day so i don't have that to help me. wicd tends to upchuck "bad password" no matter what sort of error it encounters, if it happens at a particular phase in the exchange (association? dunno) The test to include/exclude something like WICD is to run wpa_supplicant from the command-line first, with wicd stopped, and see if wpa_supplicant can associate and authenticate to the AP e.g.

I tried a different WEP secured network today and it connected automatically, just like it should.