Windows updating best practice

By automatically applying Windows updates you will not need to log into each machine manually and perform updates.

When combined with WSUS we can also report on which servers have which updates installed, allowing us to see the patch level of the entire Windows environment.

Depending on your environment, you may need to apply the same DSC resource to multiple machine configurations, for example: That is 10 different variations of Windows you need to maintain templates for!

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In general, the Office 365 Pro Plus deployment solution includes functionality to deploy, maintain, and update clients from both an on premise infrastructure and off premise Office Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure.

The on premise and off premise deployment infrastructures give IT administrators flexibility to manage the initial deployment and maintenance of the Office client for different connectivity and end user segments of the environment.

What if one of your colleges uses a Mac and has to use Virtual Box images instead of Hyper-V?

You started using Test-Kitchen because it was meant to simplify your workflow and now you have an image management problem! Packer is a tool for creating machine images from a single configuration source.

A majority of enterprise customers will use the Deferred Channel for their general end user population; however, IT admins should also use other channels for their pilot and pre-production user groups to create validation, communications, and training processes to ease feature roll outs to their end users.