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Back in 2016, we started incorporating Twitch features into the Curse app, adding Emotes, then Twitch Video and Chat.

Since 2017 began, we’ve added the ability for you to log in with your Twitch account, and merge your Twitch and Curse accounts.

Many times nothing changes in game that would result in the addon breaking, and in that case the author just needs to update the version the addon is under.

Open your Kodi and navigate from the home screen into SYSTEM Database.

In here select all the files which ends with a “.db” suffix and delete them one by one.

From Kodi’s userdata folder, go into Database folder and and there simply delete all the files which ends with a “.db” suffix (database files).

Restart your Kodi if you had it opened, and enjoy the ability to update once again!

Select 'Properties' from the menu, then click the 'Open File Location' (or 'Find Target') button. Make a note of the exact location shown at the top of that window.