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You might as well play the lottery; your chances of hitting the jackpot are probably far better. Strutting down the corridors of the college campus and walking amongst the lush green, well maintained grounds excites a rejuvenating bliss into the young tender heart of a college freshman.

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Some people believe there’s one right person for them out there somewhere, and it’s just a matter of finding them. Here are 16 signs you’ve cashed in that winning lottery ticket and found your perfect person… You text each other at the exact same time so often, it’s spooky.

But with more than seven billion people on the planet, the odds of finding the one person who’s a perfect match for you are pretty slim.

This unique system is grounded in a serious exploration of the characteristics that lead to successful relationships.

Duet® is proven to be more effective than any relationship tool on the Web.

Fifty and Older: A deeply distraught senior in his seventies faces the prospect of living in marital misery “until death do us part.” The chasm between the pair has widened over the decades and may be unfixable. What are their choices: divorced and alone or together and unhappy?