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Channel technical parameters can be found here groupings below are just to help people see what is available.They are not definitive or a judgement on the channel. Channels which have appeared recently are indicated with ★[New]★, or ★[Test]★ if they are showing promos etc.

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(not ‘Shopping’ and ‘Others’.) BBC One London BBC One East Midlands BBC One West Midlands BBC One North West BBC One East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire BBC One Yorkshire & North Midlands BBC One East (East) BBC One East (West) BBC One West England BBC One South East BBC One South England BBC One South West BBC One NE & Cumbria BBC One Oxford BBC One Cambridge BBC One Channel Islands BBC One Wales BBC One Scotland BBC One Northern Ireland BBC Two England BBC 2W BBC Two Scotland BBC Two Northern Ireland BBC Three BBC Four BBC interactive 1 BBC interactive 2 BBC interactive 3 BBC interactive 4 BBC interactive 5 BBC interactive 6 BBC interactive 7 BBC interactive (T7-3) BBC interactive (T7-4) (These require manual tuning as separate channels) BBC Multiscreen 2 (requires audio selection) ITV 1 London ITV 1 Anglia TV South ITV 1 Anglia TV West ITV 1 Tyne Tees TV North ITV 1 Tyne Tees TV South ITV 1 Granada TV ITV 1 Anglia TV North ITV 1 Central West ITV 1 Central South ITV 1 Central East ITV 1 Central South West ★[New]★ ITV 1 Wales ITV 1 West ITV 1 Westcountry South ITV 1 Border TV North England ITV 1 Border TV South Scotland ITV 1 Meridian TV South ITV 1 Meridian TV South East ITV 1 Meridian TV Sussex ITV 1 Meridian TV Thames Valley ITV 1 Yorkshire TV North ITV 1 Yorkshire TV East Channel TV Grampian TV North East Scottish TV West Scottish TV East Ulster TV ITV 2 ITV 3 ITV 4 ITV Play S4C Digidol (Welsh English subtitles) Granada Men & Motors Bonanza TV AXN Satellite (European) Life 24 Life TV Life Showcase Zone Reality UK Zone Reality UK 1 Zone Reality Extra Eat Cinema Sumo TV Rapture TV The Baby Channel Legal TV Wine Network BBC News 24 BBC News Multiscreen (requires audio selection) CNN International Europe Euro News Aljazeera Channel (Arabic) Aljazeera International Channel (English) ★[Test]★ CCTV 9 (Chinese Central TV) (English) Sky News UK Sky News Ireland Sky News Octant Mosaic , Dual Mosaic 1,2, 3 BBC Parliament S4C2 - (Welsh Assembly) UCB TV Gospel Channel Europe EWTN Europe (Roman Catholic) Inspiration Network International The God Channel God UK TBN Europe Daystar TV Dove Vision Revelation TV Islam Channel MTA International (Islam) Itihad TV (Islam) ★[Test]★ Aastha International (Indian Faith Channel) Open Access Open Access 2 Propeller Community Channel Information TV Information TV 2 Teacher's TV NHS Direct Mosaic 1 (requires audio selection) NHS Direct Mosaic 2 (requires audio selection) Audi Channel Prime TV★[New]★ Geo UK Vectone One B4U Music QTV Pakistan ARY One World MATV National Bangla TV Raj TV Worldwide The Musik DM Digital TV DM Digital Gold ATN Bangla AAG TV NTV Bangladesh ★[Test]★ Channel S Channel Punjab ★[Test]★ Price-Drop TV Celebrity Shop Simply Shopping The Jewellery Channel Shop Vector Simply Ideas Jewellery Vault We Deliver TV Broadband World TV Broadband UK 2 Pitch TV Pitch TV Plus Showcase Golf TV Pro Shop Treasure TV Gems TV Gems TV 2 Express Shopping Channel Real Estate TV Shop on TV Thane Direct Avago AVC Broadband Thane Stop and Shop Tel Sell UK Ideal World QVC UK QVC TSV Now!

Bid TV Speed Auction TV Price-Drop TV Ideal Vitality Create and Craft i Buy i Buy TV 2 TV Shop UK TV Megastore TV Warehouse Select TV Warehouse Vector Direct Ee Zee TV i Buy TV GDTV Look4Less Price Busters Yes 661 Yes 661 2 Best Direct Best Direct 1 Apna Bazaar Hollywood TV Yoo Play TV Get Minted Racing Get Lucky Chat Box Fixed Quiz TV You TV 2 Passion TV Look4Love TV Quiz TV Going Down Turn On TV Fizz Max TV!

It uses the names provided by default from the tv_grab_uk_rt script and should work as is for the majority of users.