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Today, a significant amount of them are based in Muharraq's Shia enclaves and Bahrain Island's modernized Shia towns.

Matam Al-Ajam Al-Kabeer (Arabic:مأتم العجم الكبير) is the first Persian Matam and the largest such matam in Bahrain.

The Koran, in describing the creation of life, indicates that water is its basis: “And of water We have made everything living” (); and “Allāh has created every animal of water; some of them go upon their bellies, some upon two feet, and some upon four” ().

Ṭabarī discusses the Koranic verse “And He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and His throne was upon the water” (11:7). Water, the source of life, is indispensable for the growth of crops, and prayer for rain is well known in Islam.

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