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A covert program code-named Optic Nerve apparently used computer Webcams to watch online users.The Guardian newspaper based all this on documents provided by former NSA employee Edward Snowden. HARI SREENIVASAN: The report details how a British spy agency collected images from Yahoo! The images and associated metadata were stored and subject to search using experimental facial recognition software.

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"The Weekend Editions have sporadic on-mic time, and occasional Request hours announced on-air, with the Saturday Edition having more on-air time than the Sunday Editions.

Our Maintenance Windows - when we do Studio Technical work - is usually done Saturday Mornings from AM to Noon Pacific / PM to PM GMT.

Microsoft had started going after market shares with Internet Explorer, but had not yet gained a firm footing.

MSN (The Microsoft Network) got started as a set of Internet services in 1995 (it was launched in connection with Windows 95).

has targeted the broadband market in the latest release of its instant messenger software. this is a great improvement over the previous version of yahoo messenger, which only offered videoconferencing at speeds of one frame per second.